Our Difference: Neutrality + Experience + Flexibility
+ End-to-end Solutions + Response Times
Means unlimited possibilities for your company

Experience focused on fiber services

We have more than 20 years of solid experience deploying and operating optical fiber under the most stringent standards. We invest in constantly expanding and improving our routes and assets to connect our clients with last-mile solutions anywhere, from the most remote to the highest-density urban areas. We install the necessary equipment and offer operators dedicated connectivity.

Our flexibility allows us to adapt to the needs of each client

Our goal is to solve our clients’ needs by strategically aligning with their business objectives, providing customized solutions that enable them to boost their profitability, invest in service development and quality, and become more competitive and successful to ensure their relevance and permanence in today's fast-changing market.

We offer end-to-end Solutions in Mexico

We offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, allowing them to meet all user connection needs. We work with them at all stages of the process, from planning and deployment to management and maintenance. We do not rely on contractors or third parties.

We are 100% neutral

We believe in our business model and its potential to positively impact the Mexican market. We remain proudly neutral because we understand the importance of providing solutions to operators and carriers in full transparency, without competing with them for end users.

We guarantee the best response times in the market

As network owners, we are able to offer unique solutions at a customer service level that other providers cannot match. Our network complies with international quality standards and is constantly monitored, providing security and personalized attention to the needs of our clients.

In addition, we provide a single point of contact for all service management: from permits to construction maintenance and repair.

We have a Network Operations Center (NOC)

Staffed by dedicated personnel that offers preventive and corrective maintenance and monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guarantees the fastest response times in the market, eliminating the need for third parties.

We have a 24/7 customer
support hotline:

Mexico ex. Monterrey: 01 800 777 0113
Monterrey +52 (81) 2165 8060