Small Cells

Tailor-made cellular transmission solutions

Small Cells are our small cell solutions consisting of low-power radio access nodes, which can be controlled by the operator to complement your mobile phone service, becoming an integral component of our network placement offer.

Small Cells provide a cleaner signal with less energy, are easy to deploy and maintain, and can be mounted on street poles, bus stops, mobile towers and even ceilings, so they have the potential to reduce the number of towers even eliminate them completely from dense urban areas in the future.

We have a plan designed for municipal governments, including consulting and investment options to create more connected and intelligent communities across the country.

Advantages of Small Cells

Additional Infrastructure

Add-on for current wireless infrastructure, such as towers and distribution antennas.


Wireless network extension coverage, improving network capacity at a smaller scale.


They coexist with existing infrastructure (such as utility poles, headlights and traffic signals), achieving rapid deployment and minimal disruption in the environment.


Ideal for supporting emerging technologies in smart cities and districts, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).