BTS Towers

Lease, co-location and acquisition in towers

BTS towers are a simple and economical transmission solution. We have our own towers in strategic points of the country and actively build new towers under the highest quality standards through our infrastructure builder Even Telecom, which allows us to configure new accesses and routes for our customers and their specific needs.

Our leasing model allows us to ensure the availability of infrastructure with locations and heights that our customers need, where they need it, so that they can focus on offering their services to more users.

We are innovating the use of billboards to turn them into mini antennas that open up the coverage capacity in high-density areas.

Key Benefits of BTS Towers

Extensive portfolio:

with about 120 towers and 3,000 friendly sites.


We deliver solutions tailored to each customer for optimal coverage.

Permits and Licenses

Obtainment of permits and licenses for the development of towers under the highest quality standards.