We are a company dedicated to providing 100% neutral infrastructure to all types of telecommunications carriers, through dark fiber leasing and capacity, as well as BTS towers.

Neutrality is the heart of our business model and governs everything we do.

For this reason, Neutral Networks is becoming the best option for companies looking to expand their business or improve their services without having to invest in new telecommunications infrastructure. We are prepared and leading the change to face the new and dynamic world of integrated communications.

Our Vision

Leading Mexico into a new era of connectivity in the telecommunications infrastructure industry.

Our Mission

Accelerate the growth of service coverage areas for telecommunications operators in Mexico.

How do we do it?


We anticipate the growing demand for consumption and market trends to respond to the specific needs of each customer.

& Solutions

We listen to our customers and strategically align with our customers by opening up flexible opportunities and solutions so they can grow, innovate and consolidate as relevant providers for the new and growing generation of mobile users expecting ever more stable and fast connections, from anywhere.


We are focused on building a new and better neutral fiber network that ensures the coverage capacity our customers need with configurations specific to the current and future needs of their business.

Our Presence

Our asset network covers 7 of the 9 telecommunications regions in Mexico, providing connectivity to the country's main squares.

  • R1: Fiber Optics, Capacity (coming soon), Telco Room (coming soon)
  • R3: BTS Towers
  • R4: Fiber Optics, BTS Towers, Telco Room, DAS (coming soon)
  • R6: Fiber Optics, BTS Towers
  • R7: BTS Towers
  • R8: BTS Towers
  • R9: Fiber Optics, Capactiry (coming soon), DAS, Telco Room (coming soon)

An Even Group company

Neutral Networks is a company of Even Group, a one-stop-shop that seeks to offer end-to-end solutions to operators in the telecommunications sector through OpEx and CapEx models that adapt to the particular needs of each of our customers.

Under the leadership of a team with more than 20 years of industry experience and a fresh vision of changing the telecommunications industry in Mexico, we seek to close the large gap between infrastructure and consumer demand, to help our to be profiled as one of the best connected in the world, with the ability to adopt technological innovations that create smarter cities and businesses thus benefiting people's quality of life.

We have the ability to provide network construction, installation and maintenance services through our sister company Even Telecom, which serves the full spectrum of services to all types of telecommunications infrastructure.

Together, we formulate the best offer both technological, operational and financial to help them meet their business objectives with the highest service standards in the industry.